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Notable Plants of Foothills Trail

For sale at Loveland Visitors Center $3.95 plus tax All profits to post-flood restorationNotable Plants of the Foothills Nature TrailNotable Plants of the Foothills Trail is a compilation of 20 conspicuous plants that grow along the Foothills Trail, an easy walk just off US-34 between Loveland and...
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Travel Season

It is spring in Colorado.Rocky Mountain National Park in spring Grassland in springIn spring, I am restless, wanting to get outside. Plants that were dormant are active and improving weather beckons me to climb hills and stand on...
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Buns Dumplings and Grain Burgers across the World

My husband Karl travels to see great art and to taste fine foods. I recently got him to give me a set of recommendations for memorable eating experiences. He chose to recommend buns dumplings and grain burgers that were outstanding. IMG_5216_2 By buns and dumplings he...
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More Plant Wonders of the World

What plants that should be on a Must See List? Here are the first 10 plant wonders that I have seen that I thought of when I asked the question-- 1) Tundra at 400' elevation in the Arctic Circle in Sweden. So far north that the high mountain tundra doesn't require a high mountain.  Plants miniaturized by...
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See the Plant Wonders of the World

I’m trying to create a botanical “Must See” list: Plant Wonders of the World. The first Plant Wonders of the World that leaped to mind were not individual plants but the great ecosystems of the world, plant communities. So I’d recommend seeing all the great land ecosystems. Boreal forests - See great coniferous forest stretching to the horizon....
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Why Travel – To Experience for Yourself

Books and videos and the internet are all excellent for learning about our world, but there are things you have to go to, they can’t come to you. And the whole thing--sight, sound, smells, taste, touch--you can only experience for yourself. Oceans and mountains, for example. Oregon coast Read more

Why Travel? Visiting Family and Friends

One common reason to travel is to visit family and friends. We often view the journey necessary for visiting family and friends as an annoyance, but it can be a positive part of the experience. If you go more than 100 miles, the plants are likely to change because the environment changes. Urban areas and rural...
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Why Do We Travel?

New Zealand - why travel so far?   Why travel? Whether you've never gone more than 50 miles from home or have seen 50 countries, the question remains. Why travel? It is disruptive, expensive and sometimes very uncomfortable. One answer is...
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