My husband Karl travels to see great art and to taste fine foods. I recently got him to give me a set of recommendations for memorable eating experiences. He chose to recommend buns dumplings and grain burgers that were outstanding. IMG_5216_2 By buns and dumplings he means Chinese buns and dumplings. Grain burgers are whatever the restaurant called a grain burger.

Buns Dumplings, and Grain Burgers  –  Karl’s  favorites after many trials and more than a decade:

1. Cholon: (Denver, CO) good Asian dumplings + delicious onion/gruyere soup dumplings. Cholon website

2. Din Tai Fung: (Shanghai, PRC) delicious steamed soup dumplings. Din Tai Fung website: Chinese sites, we liked the one at the Portman link

3. Mahjong Dumplings: (NYC, NY) creative dumplings. [Alas, now closed]

4. Open Harvest Coop: (Lincoln, NE) good grain burgers. Website

5. Shanghai Street Vendors: (PRC) cheap, tasty buns (3 kinds: pork, greens, and red bean paste).

6. The Flaming Icecube: (Boardman, OH) tasty grain burgers. Website

7. Peninsula Hotel (Hong Kong, PRC) delicious grain burger. In the Lobby Restaurant at the Peninsula: website

8. Truckee, CA Food Coop: tasty grain burgers. [Alas, they have closed]

9. Yang’s Fried Dumplings: (Shanghai, PRC) great soup dumplings.  I can’t find a restaurant website, Trip Advisor gives locations: Trip Advisor on Yang’s Fry Dumplings

10. Wow Bao: (Chicago, IL) good dumplings and buns. Wao Bao