A rich source of humor for plant jokes comes from scientific names. You can play with both the English and Latin names.

Here are 14 examples:

1) What do you get from eating too much milo?







A: Sore gums. (Sorghum)

2) Why are waterweeds so friendly?
A: They always say Elodea.

3) Who laughs at Calamus jokes?
A: Somebody with a rattan sense of humor.

4) Why did the conservative professor keep postponing his lecture on Juncus?
A: Because he wanted to keep his students in “rush limbo”.

5) Which plant wore green on St. Patrick’s Day?
A: Phil O’Dendron

6) Did you ever wonder: is the transfer of so many species from Aster to Symphyotrichum a form of dis-aster.

formerly, asters

7) Are Boykinias male?

8) Is a Kalmia that tolerates the climate of British Columbia winters both laurel and hardy?

9) If you cross a Philesia with a windflower, will it be a friend or Anemone?

10) Why did the cool botanist study Hibiscus?
A: He wanted to mallow out.







11) What did the botanist use to make a fishing pole?
A: Basswood

12) How do you groom a Salvia?
A: With a sagebrush (Artemisia)

13) How does one laugh at Crataegus jokes?
A: Haw, haw, haw!

14) How do you deodorize skunk cabbage plants (Lysichiton)?
A:You need to arum out!

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