The world is a big and complex place and so Caution signs can be very exotic. Below are ones that caught my eye:Caution Four Wheel Drive


From Oregon







caution dangerous waves



This one is from the coast of Hawaii





Caution nenes
Also from Hawaii but from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park




caution canopy road




Seen on the road in northern Florida







Caution kiwis



                        From the far south of New Zealand











Also from the South Island of New Zealand






Caution kangaroo



From Victoria, Australia











From Dunhuang, China











From Lijiang, China









(They are of course: Caution for safely launching your boat; Caution dangerous waves; Caution nene, the endangered Hawaiian goose, crossing; Caution canopy road where trees extend across the road overhead, with reduced visibility and possible fallen branches; Caution kiwi crossing; Caution drive on the left (because Americans and others in rental cars who normally drive on the right are a danger to everyone. The photo is fuzzy because it was taken from a moving vehicle); Caution kangaroo (or wallaby) crossing; Caution floor slippery when wet; Caution the water is more dangerous than it looks.)