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Four Natives:

big sagebrush icon of western grasslands

soapweed yucca useful and attractive

 prickly poppy big-flowered annual

sunflowers brightening the plains

Vegetables with Many Guises

Chili peppers – in everyone’s food

A Wandering Botanist: Chilis from Karen Fournier on <ahref=””>Vimeo.



Beta vulgaris, one plant many uses

A Wandering Botanist: Beta vulgaris from Karen Fournier on <ahref=””>Vimeo.


Brassica oleracea, the plant that became many vegetables

A Wandering Botanist: Brassica oleracea from Karen Fournier on <ahref=””>Vimeo.


Plant Confusions: Plants that share the same name causing confusion and mix-ups.

The story of the plant that stole the name marigold.

A Wandering Botanist: MARIGOLDS from Karen Fournier on Vimeo.

marigolds, Tagetes

marigolds, Calendula



Left: the original plant with the name marigold. Right: the plant you are most likely to get if you ask for a marigold today.


Two plants are both called snow-on-the-mountain

A Wandering Botanist: SNOW-ON-THE-MOUNTAIN from Karen Fournier on Vimeo.





Left: the snow-on-the-mountain which is the variegated form of goutweed, a ground cover from Europe. Right: the snow-on-the-mountain which is native to the plains of North America.

Two very different currants

A Wandering Botanist: TWO VERY DIFFERENT CURRANTS from Karen Fournier on Vimeo.

some currants are small grapes  some currants are gooseberries






Some currants are small grapes, others are gooseberries.