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Links to Useful Plant Web pages:

Plant resources for you:

U.S. Department of Agriculture plants database: Distributions, pictures, common and scientific names

Missouri Botanical Garden Useful information!

Tropical Plant Guides – Rapid Color Guides  Full color guides to plants, not just in the tropics, that you can download! From the Field Museum.

The Plant List – for checking for current scientific names

Angiosperm Phylogeny website – current plant relationships, in technical language

Eastern Colorado Wildflowers: Nice photos

Hawaiian plants – Native Hawaiian Plants website:

American Forests – information about trees and forests, plus Big Trees, the list of the record largest U.S. trees (check out Champion Trees)

suggestions from readers:

Garden Databases on the Net Lots of links! Flower identification using photos, and more, botanical resources Helpful definitions, explanations and links to other botanical information Links to useful plant and garden information (some broken)

Answers to many basic questions and a list of links to additional helpful sites:

Basic information and games

Biology dictionary. Defines important words, often with pictures. Currently more cellular and animal words than whole plant terms.

Herbal efficacy:

German Commission E Monographs online

Books from plant history, online:

Culpeper, N. 1652. Culpeper’s complete herbal.’s_complete_herbal

Gerarde, J. 1597. The herball or generall historie of plantes.  K. Stuber. 2007. Wageningen UR Library.

Places To Visit:


The Grand Canyon


Ruth Bancroft Garden, Walnut Creek

Point Reyes National Seashore

State Route 1. Of course you should drive the Pacific Coast Highway. There are many resources online, here’s one  Landslides destroyed the road in spring 2017, be sure to check for updates.


Denver Botanic Garden

Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park


Guilin, China 

Great Wall, China

Lijiang, China


Island of Hawai’i (the Big Island), the youngest island: Official site:

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. A magical place. Plants coming onto new lava, kipukas where the lava left a vegetation island, and more Link:

Island of Kauai, the oldest island: official site

National Tropical Botanic Garden: A spectacular plant collection  McBryde Garden and Allerton Garden both on the southwest side of Kaua’i but I particularly liked the Limahuli Garden on the north of the island: Limahuli Garden and Preserve It has: native plants in a forest, plants used by Hawaiians before western contact, plants incorporated into traditional uses after contact and much more.


55 Stunning Botanical Gardens You Need to See Before You Die – Botanic gardens in the United States

Plant Blogs I Like:

UBC Botany Photo of the Day

In Defense of Plants

Awkward Botany

Botany Professor

The Botanist in the Kitchen

Plants are Cool, too. Video blog

The Soul of the Earth

Botanical Accuracy

Plant Talk at the New York Botanic Garden


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