Videos – A Wandering Botanist

First Flowers of Spring

A short video of seven flowers of the earliest spring.


Virtual Plant Walks from Summer, 2020

Devil's Backbone meadow

Devil’s Backbone

Devil’s Backbone Open Space, Loveland, CO June 2020 





Horsetooth Trail

Horsetooth Waterfall Trail, Fort Collins, CO July 2020



Four Native Plants:

Icon of western grasslands – big sagebrush

Useful and attractive – soapweed yucca 

Big-flowered annual – prickly poppy

Brightening the plains – sunflowers

Videos of Vegetables with Many Guises

Chili peppers – in everyone’s food

A Wandering Botanist: Chilis from Karen Fournier on <ahref=””>Vimeo.

Beta vulgaris, one plant many uses

A Wandering Botanist: Beta vulgaris from Karen Fournier on <ahref=””>Vimeo.

Brassica oleracea, the plant that became many vegetables

A Wandering Botanist: Brassica oleracea from Karen Fournier on <ahref=””>Vimeo.

Plant Confusions: Plants that share the same name causing confusion and mix-ups.

marigolds, TagetesThe story of the plant that stole the name marigold.




A Wandering Botanist: MARIGOLDS from Karen Fournier on Vimeo.

snowEuphorbia1Two plants are both called snow-on-the-mountain





A Wandering Botanist: SNOW-ON-THE-MOUNTAIN from Karen Fournier on Vimeo.

Tale of two very different currants




A Wandering Botanist: TWO VERY DIFFERENT CURRANTS from Karen Fournier on Vimeo