Recommended Reading

Plants, Travel (Geography), History

Amy Butler Greenfield. A Perfect Red. (2004).

Thomas Hill. The Gardener’s Labyrinth. The first English gardening book. 1577. reprinted by Oxford University Press, Oxford (1987).

Oliver Sachs. Oaxaca Journal. (2002) .

Mainly Plants

Cheryl Campbell, editor. Edible. An Illustrated Guide to the World’s Food Plants. National Geographic. (2008).

William W. Dunmire and Gail D. Tierney. Wild Plants and Native Peoples of the Four Corners. (1997)

Beryl B. Simpson and Molly C. Orgazaly. Economic Botany. (2013)

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J. C. Vaughan and C.A. Geissler, editors. The New Oxford Book of Food Plants. (1997).

Willow Zuchowski. Tropical Plants of Costa Rica. (2007)

Mainly Travel

Charles Darwin. The Voyage of the Beagle.

Captain John Slocum. Sailing Alone Around the World.  (1896 adventure).

Mainly History

Roy V. Alleman. Blizzard 1949. (1991).

Michel Pastoureau. Blue. (2001).

Michel Pastoureau. The Devil’s Cloth, a history of stripes. (1991).

Richard Tomasson. Iceland, the First New Society. (1980).

Mark Kurlansky. Salt. (2002).

Helpful Reference Books:

Dominique Cardon. Natural Dyes. (2007).

A. J. Coombes. Dictionary of Plant Names. (1985).

H.D. Harrington. Edible Native Plants of the Rocky Mountains. (1967).

John B. Hall. A Hiker’s Guide to Trailside Plants in Hawaii. (2008).

Mrs. M. Grieve. A Modern Herbal. Reprinted by Dover, Originally 1931. Also online.

J. Gruenwald, J., Brendler, T. and C. Jaenicke. PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) for Herbal Medicine. (2013.)

Travel Writing, edited by Don George.